Saturday, 11 June 2011

Flower Power!

Now I might live on the Isle of Wight and the Festival is underway (nope never been) but this is not all hippy…

It’s my latest creation using many elements I have learnt recently! My flower card will form a Thank You for my son’s teacher at the end of term.

What you think of it? Comments welcome!


I have also been busy this week with another design for the Certificate in Paper Craft course I am doing. I have just sent it to my assessor so I am waiting with bated breath for the verdict.

Yet again I have been buying craft tools – I have been treated (much to the delight of the local craft shopkeeper) to a Crafters Companion Ultimate Pro. I have seen this used so many times and heard such good feedback for it that I just had to have one. Even my hubby didn’t moan – think he does it for a quiet life!

Once again, until next time…

Mel x

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  1. Hi Mel, hope things are ok with you, check out my latest blog post, there is a little surprise there for you.

    Jan x