Thursday, 28 April 2011

Another Busy Week!

I have had another one of those busy weeks - but it has been productive! I have had my hubby around this week so while he was playing with Lego on the floor with the kids (he may be 40 but still not grown up), I got on and made loads more cards...

I think I have now made the decision to what cards I am going to use for my course - I have taken photos for them and now I'm waiting for a bit more info about Angel Policies - as soon as I have what I need i'm going to send them off to my assessor.... scarey stuff!

Until the next mad blog...

Mel x

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Going Oriental

In my efforts to wean myself from all the Debbie Moore cards I have been making I have decided to make a load of oriental cards for a change! This I have really enjoyed as it is something different. I have found some really lovely decoupage to make up in a shimmery design. I think these will be used for my family this year!

I have also had my parts for my Cuttlebug through, I am very pleased with the company used – The Crafty Devil… well recommended!

Until next time…

Mel x

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Debbie Moore Mad!

That's it! I think I am addicted - not alcohol (only the odd glass), not choccy (Thorntons is exempt) -  no I love and think Debbie Moore designs are the best and most intense coloured card designs of the moment!

I am doing the Venetian and Art Deco designs at the mo and adding gems to them for extra sparkle. I cannot wait for my next magazine to be delivered...

I have also finished off all my Easter cards for friends and family and at last sorted out and labelled my craft drawers. My husband has threatened to buy me a magazine rack - he actually means the type they have in WH Smiths ( I think he is trying to tell me something ).

Mel x

Sunday, 17 April 2011

A Busy Week!

Flipping Heck! Okay I know I haven’t blogged since Monday but I have been so busy this week. Now I know that is not an excuse but believe me what with the kids off for Easter and trying to get on with crafting … I’m surprised I have any hair left!!

So as I have been doing lots here is what I have been up too..

  • Spending (again) on craft materials from my local shop.
  • Spending (I know, I know) having set up an account on the Internet for a subscription to Debbie Moore magazines – the only magazine my local shop seems inept to get – and my fav mag!
  • I went into t’ capital of the Island to another craft shop to try and get a C adapter plate for my Cuttlebug and low and behold they didn’t have any so…
  • Set up another internet account with another company and ordered one (and some more B plates while I was there)
  • Today I went to a Do Crafts demonstration and got loads of hints and tips from the lady from Do Crafts (thank you Di). Oh and I brought a few more things…
  • In the middle of all this I made my 1st course card and I am really pleased with it!! (Thank you Debbie Moore)

Right now off to sort out my craft bits…. and see if there is any overtime available for my husband lol.


Mel x

Monday, 11 April 2011

Already making Christmas cards!!!

I have been sitting making Christmas cards already because I have so many to make for my kids for school, family and for my husbands work friends. They are all going to need to be different so people do not get the same card I need to make sure the children get more kiddie type ones and the adults get more grown up ones. There also has to be some in the middle for the teenagers because there are so many in my family!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

What Mel did next...

What have I been up to latley? Well as I sat down to write this blog my mind went blank, but after a mental telling off, I have realised I have been busy!
Firstly I have again visited my local craft shop and brought even more craft bits - even the shop woman thinks im obsessed - I actually think she feels sorry for my husbands wallet!!

One of the things I purchased was a Debbie Moore mag as I think they are so beautiful. Clutched in my hot hand I rushed home and started to put some designs together... The results will be on here as a photo post soon!

I also joined the Craft Forum, hopefully they are a friendly bunch and I can get plenty of advice, tips and ideas for future ventures!! (What time does that shop open again....??!!)

Until next time... keep crafting!

joined forum

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Mothers day cards


My three boys made me homemade cards for mothers day.using my craft and card making stuff …

3 -4-11 012

3 -4-11 004

3 -4-11 006

I think they are cool!!!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

The story so far ….


At the start of the week I visited my favourite local shop spending my hubbies hard earn cash!

I bought some Debbie Moore designed decoupage sheets because I love the colours of them.

I also started some Easter cards …. what do you think ?

cards 5-3-11 008

cards 5-3-11 006

They just need finishing!