Sunday, 26 June 2011

I did it !!!

After an absence of too long, I am adding this blog! I have had my first unit assessed for the Certificate in Paper Craft and I’m over the moon that it passed!!

My lovely assessor Jackie, needed to clarify only 3 questions and was happy to pass it. She says I’m doing fantastic – woo hoo!

My husband and kids are so proud of me and I am proud of myself too as it is the first thing I have done like this since leaving college ahem years ago…

I have been busy doing Christmas cards – I know it’s only June but us crafters have to start early and oh yes I needed to avoid the Isle of Wight Festival as well!

AND And… the most surreal thing happened this week… I noticed there were some vehicles parked outside my house I did not recognise, when suddenly a film crew jumped out and started walking down the road to a neighbour, filming Peter Andre !!!!! I went outside to be nosey and when he had finished the interview he came and shook hands and chatted to me, my hubby and my neighbour!! How cool was that?? He was so down to Earth too…

On that note, until next time….


Mel x

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Flower Power!

Now I might live on the Isle of Wight and the Festival is underway (nope never been) but this is not all hippy…

It’s my latest creation using many elements I have learnt recently! My flower card will form a Thank You for my son’s teacher at the end of term.

What you think of it? Comments welcome!


I have also been busy this week with another design for the Certificate in Paper Craft course I am doing. I have just sent it to my assessor so I am waiting with bated breath for the verdict.

Yet again I have been buying craft tools – I have been treated (much to the delight of the local craft shopkeeper) to a Crafters Companion Ultimate Pro. I have seen this used so many times and heard such good feedback for it that I just had to have one. Even my hubby didn’t moan – think he does it for a quiet life!

Once again, until next time…

Mel x

Saturday, 4 June 2011

It’s finally happened!

It had to at some point, it was like some cartoon where the room was filled and the walls were expanding! I have finally had to buy another piece of furniture to store my craft stuff in….

I managed to find a writers bureau in a second hand shop, that I thought was perfect (well truthfully my husband found it – he won’t do that again!).

The thing is I wanted to put it in the living room and needed to move the room around to accommodate it… which basically meant turning the room upside down to do it. Cue another spring clean, stuff in the loft, kids helping, me telling hubby to keep out of way (told you him finding it was a mistake!).

The upshot is I now will be able to craft away without having to take over the kitchen table and also have loads of natural light as well, so in all it was worth it.

By the way did I mention it is not going to be delivered for three days?

Well, I like to plan ahead!

Until next time,

Mel x

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The results are in… well almost!

I have had my assessor contact me and she sounds lovely! I have been asked to submit another card for my course to cover other criteria… and I now think my head is going to explode with ideas!!! (Hope not though, it will make a mess of my cardstock). I will get another card in this week and if you are good even put the photo up here of it. When I get the assessment I will let you know!

I have been spending on craft materials again and brought loads of lovely stamps, some card stock and a great punch as well. I think I really need to get an extension to keep it all…

I think I must be driving the family mad, half-term and the television is constantly on Create and Craft TV. Still it’s Fathers Day soon and they need ideas for it!

Well that’s my excuse anyway!

Until next time…

Mel x