Monday, 1 August 2011

I'm back!!!

Hello followers and thank you for bearing with me! I am now back and madly creating cards for all sorts of events for many different people. I have also made three new cards for my course and I have added their photos below... I hope these are fine for my next unit!!

I have made so many cards recently I have lost count of them! I have been trying to find new ideas and techniques and the telly seems glued (excuse the pun) to Create and Craft TV. I have gained so many ideas from them and not to mention spent more money (thanks hubby).

I just love the Meet The Meerkats designs - so does my son and ended up with one from us for his 16th Birthday recently - (can't believe he's that old!!!)

I have also branched out my interests... to jewellery making. I am a novice at the moment, but keep coming back as I will soon add some piccies of the things I have made. When I get them good they will make great gifts - hey I will even make the boxes for them!

Until next time.... keep crafting

Mel x