Sunday, 22 May 2011

Collision Course!!!

I have just sent off the first unit of my course Certificate in Paper Craft to my assessor… that’s it now I have officially got all my fingers crossed (well okay I haven’t as I wouldn’t be able to type) but I am bricking it!

I know I should be pleased and in a way I am but at the same time this is the first course I have taken since leaving college, BLEEP years ago!

I am told I will hear the result of it in a week and I bet this week is longer than the last.

I had to complete three card designs and list the methods I had used for each as a ‘Recipe Card’ and as it was the first unit also fill in a workbook. It is amazing how much work can go into a card – and you don’t even realise it until you have to break down each element and write up the methods etc.

So here’s hoping for good news at the end of the week… then the hard work starts again for the next unit!

Until next time…

Mel x

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