Sunday, 8 May 2011

Hello it's me again!

I know, I know there has not been an entry for a while and it is with good reason... so so busy ! I have been making cards for my course and spending more of my husbands money - it's OK he knows!

It had been birthday time in the house which meant a nice card suitable for an 11 year old boy (my son) and on the exact same day my nephew who was 14. In addition to that I made a lovely card that had pressed flowers on it for a friend who helped my eldest get work experience for the summer, before his college - now that's scary!

I have been on the Internet again and using the Do-Crafts site and yes it is my second favourite design (at the moment) good ole Tatty Teddies or Me to You Bears x x  I have got the goody bag and some other bits form the Do Craft site, even joining as a member... you could say I'm obsessed (hubby does).

Until next time...

Mel x

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  1. Nice you have started blogging again. I fell by the wayside for a while too.