Saturday, 9 April 2011

What Mel did next...

What have I been up to latley? Well as I sat down to write this blog my mind went blank, but after a mental telling off, I have realised I have been busy!
Firstly I have again visited my local craft shop and brought even more craft bits - even the shop woman thinks im obsessed - I actually think she feels sorry for my husbands wallet!!

One of the things I purchased was a Debbie Moore mag as I think they are so beautiful. Clutched in my hot hand I rushed home and started to put some designs together... The results will be on here as a photo post soon!

I also joined the Craft Forum, hopefully they are a friendly bunch and I can get plenty of advice, tips and ideas for future ventures!! (What time does that shop open again....??!!)

Until next time... keep crafting!

joined forum

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