Sunday, 17 April 2011

A Busy Week!

Flipping Heck! Okay I know I haven’t blogged since Monday but I have been so busy this week. Now I know that is not an excuse but believe me what with the kids off for Easter and trying to get on with crafting … I’m surprised I have any hair left!!

So as I have been doing lots here is what I have been up too..

  • Spending (again) on craft materials from my local shop.
  • Spending (I know, I know) having set up an account on the Internet for a subscription to Debbie Moore magazines – the only magazine my local shop seems inept to get – and my fav mag!
  • I went into t’ capital of the Island to another craft shop to try and get a C adapter plate for my Cuttlebug and low and behold they didn’t have any so…
  • Set up another internet account with another company and ordered one (and some more B plates while I was there)
  • Today I went to a Do Crafts demonstration and got loads of hints and tips from the lady from Do Crafts (thank you Di). Oh and I brought a few more things…
  • In the middle of all this I made my 1st course card and I am really pleased with it!! (Thank you Debbie Moore)

Right now off to sort out my craft bits…. and see if there is any overtime available for my husband lol.


Mel x

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